#4 Brand


Brand is the backbone of every customer-oriented business. From day one, we understood that our brand was a vital asset, driving customer loyalty and engagement. By maintaining a focus on aesthetics and featuring only cool and appealing products on our platform, we created a brand identity that resonated with our customers. Their sentiment became clear: "If it is available at ARIVE, I can be 100% sure that people will like it." Though building and nurturing the brand was time-consuming, the effort was undoubtedly worthwhile, as our brand became the backbone of customer loyalty and repeat business.

To create a truly immersive brand experience, we realized that we needed to collaborate with the best and the greatest. Partnering with high-end influencers such as Stephanie Giesinger and Caro Daur allowed us to showcase that even top celebrities embraced the services of ARIVE. While not every influencer's impact translated into immediate conversions, their involvement had a significant impact on brand building, bolstering our reputation and attracting new customers.

In addition to influencer collaborations, we discovered that our packaging had a substantial marketing impact. Many customers incorporated our distinctive paper bags as design elements in their apartments, enhancing our brand visibility. Recognizing this trend, we continuously evolved our bags, incorporating seasonal colors and designs to maintain their appeal. Furthermore, we prioritized our app design as the primary medium for customer interaction, striving for a high-end and customer-friendly experience that seamlessly integrated all elements of shopping at ARIVE.

Through these experiences, we learned that a strong brand is the lifeblood of a customer-oriented business. It creates trust, attracts customers, and encourages repeat purchases. Investing the necessary time and effort to meticulously curate our brand paid off in the long run, as it became the driving force behind customer loyalty.