#6 Community


One crucial element we discovered was that content serves as the key ingredient to foster engagement. To keep our customers intrigued and connected, we regularly updated our app with fresh content. From eye-catching banners at the top of the app, yielding high click rates, to curated product selections reflecting local events and circumstances, we aimed to be up to date and relevant. By taking on the role of "finding the next needed product" for our customers, we established a bond built on trust and convenience.

Another significant learning was the importance of high-quality, personalized content over quantity and standardization. We understood that tailoring content to individual preferences and needs was far more impactful than generic messaging. In our newsletters, we incorporated local trends and topics, while also suggesting products based on each customer's previous purchases. This approach ensured that the content remained relevant, engaging, and resonated with each recipient.

We also recognized the power of emotional connection in fostering customer loyalty. Integrating personal touches, such as a handwritten card in the order, expressing gratitude and wishing the customer a pleasant experience, forged a deeper bond between ARIVE and our customers. These small gestures demonstrated our genuine care and added an extra layer of warmth to the overall shopping experience.

Furthermore, we realized that community building requires understanding our customers' daily lives and actively being present where they are. Going beyond traditional channels, such as search engines, we embraced innovative approaches. For example, we attended events like Charity Galas or Sports Fixtures where our target customers were present. By immersing ourselves in their world, we created opportunities for meaningful connections and expanded our community.

In summary, ARIVE's success in customer engagement and community building rested on several key learnings. We understood that content was paramount, necessitating regular updates and tailored relevance. We focused on delivering high-quality experiences and personalization over generic messaging. Emotional connections were forged through thoughtful gestures, leaving a lasting impression. Lastly, we recognized the importance of going beyond traditional channels and actively engaging with our customers in innovative ways.