We started with a simple idea:

Why should getting sneakers, cosmetics, and lifestyle products be any less convenient than ordering food or groceries? This is our story.

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Our Story

Founded in the heart of Paris amid the COVID-19 pandemic

ARIVE was committed to curating the finest products and brands from your city and bringing them right to your doorstep in mere hours. With a strong and unparalleled focus on convenience, speed, reliability, and sustainability we excited tens of thousands of young, urban customers and ventured into the future of retail.

We’ve offered our service in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Paris and successfully attracted over 500 brands and 200 local stores to our platform. Our journey was fueled by 31.7 million Euros raised from renowned angels, venture capitalists, and investors such as Balderton Capital, LaFamiglia, 468 Capital, and Triple Point Capital.

We successfully navigated the turbulences of the post-pandemic era and innovated on our initial value proposition to create an entirely new shopping experience. Mid 2023 the company was sold and we had to cease operations in Germany and France. But we strongly believe in our idea that the future of urban retail lies in convenience and experience.

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Trusted by over 500 brands & stores

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What will the future of retail look like?

Urban commerce will be connected: Retailers to customers, customers to brands, brands to retailers. Offline is online. The city is at your fingertip.

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Let the experience ARIVE
Unfortunately you can’t download our app anymore. But you can still try out the experience for yourself. The city is at your fingertip.
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