#2 Sustainability


From the outset, sustainability was a core pillar of our business philosophy, shaping our operations and driving us towards a more eco-conscious future. We recognized the need to go beyond mere talk and fully embrace sustainable practices to make a real impact.

Executing sustainability in a customer-centric way became our mantra at ARIVE. We understood that for sustainability initiatives to succeed, they must align with the desires and needs of our customers. To minimize our environmental footprint, we prioritized the use of 100% electric vehicles for all deliveries. From simple e-bikes to e-cargo bikes and eventually e-vans, we ensured speedy and reliable service while remaining committed to reducing emissions and promoting clean transportation.

One of our key innovations was addressing the issue of unsustainable waste generated by the excess of paper bags accumulated by customers using multiple quick commerce services. We listened to our customers and sought to create a truly customer-centric solution. Collaborating with sustainable bag producers, we offered these eco-friendly bags to our customers at no extra cost.

The concept was simple yet effective. When customers ordered from ARIVE, their goods were delivered in these sustainable bags. Upon arrival, the bags were opened at the customer's doorstep, allowing them to retrieve their purchases. We then collected the bags and returned them to our warehouse for reuse in future orders. Alternatively, customers could choose to keep the sustainable bags and deposit them at nearby post stations, initiating a cycle of reuse within the sustainable bag ecosystem.

Our customer-centric sustainability efforts quickly gained traction. Within a few weeks, this innovative service accounted for an impressive 40% of our total orders. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from our customers demonstrated the significance of catering to their evolving needs and sustainability concerns. It also underscored the importance of integrating sustainability seamlessly into the customer experience.

By authentically living and executing sustainability initiatives in a customer-centric manner, we were able to capture the attention and loyalty of tens of thousands of young, urban customers who shared our commitment to a greener future.